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Application: Peter Pan Range Riders Club  
Apron: Florence Masonic Lodge #281 1949
Apron: Johnson Hardware Company 1970
Armbands: Issued to Civilian Press by the Central Defense Command, WWII  
Ashtray, glass: General Crook House, Omaha  
Award, Bronze: "Elmer" statue presented to Mildred Goosman 1973
Badge Collection: Fire Dept. Asst. Chief Charles F. Walther 1933-73
Badge: "Omaha World Herald, Free Press-Free People"  1986
Badge: Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway Co.  
Badge: Omaha Transit Co.  
Banner: National Association of American Balloon Corps Veterans 1932, 1973, 1980
Baton: A. E. Blaufuss, Professor of Music College, Omaha  
Bell, Metal: "Ring for Omaha Your Market City" 1910
Book, Ration: WW II 1942
Bottle, Whiskey: Last Man's Bottle in wooden cradle with cover 1931
Bottle, Whiskey: Meyer Klein Liquor Co., 16th and California Streets. 1912
Box: Advertising on lid for "Reflect-A-Ray Glare Shield, Omaha 1930
Bucket, Champagne: Omaha Athletic Club  
Button: Henry & Allen Auburn, N.Y., Omaha, Neb 1900
Button: "Smith Bros. Comm. Co., South Omaha Chicago,"  1900
Button: Badger Gasoline Engine 1900
Button: National Fidelity & Casualty Co. 1910
Button: Paxton-Eckman Chemical Co., South Omaha 1908
Button, Campaign: Anne Batchelder "Anne!"  
Button, Campaign: John Y McCollister, Senator; I'm for John Y Mcgumption  
Button, Campaign: Monte Taylor Measures Up  
Button, Campaign: Richard Marvel & Anne Batchelder  1974
Button, Campaign: Warren Zweiback, Zweiback City Council  
Button: "Souvenir Peace Jubilee, Trans-Mississippi Exposition 1898
Button: Florida or Bust, Omaha Zoo with sea turtle 1986
Button: Glen Miller Festival Clarinda, Iowa 2001
Button: Landmarks Inc. "Love a Landmark"  
Button: National Corn Exposition 1908
Button: Nebraska State Horticultural Society   
Button: Omaha Public School Bond Issue "Vote Yes for the Kids" 1988
Button: Senate campaign, "Go Big Ed Zorinsky U.S. Senate".  
Button: Souvenir of Santa Claus from the Boston Store  1900
Button: St. Joan of Arc School, SJA in the Spirit 1980
Button: Trans-Mississippi Expo. Iowa Day  1898
Button: University of Nebraska at Omaha: Numero UNO Go Indians!  
Button: Welcome Home Thurston Rifles 1899
Buttons: American Red Cross  
Buttons: River City Roundup 1985-94
Buttons: War Bond Drive  
Calendar: Henderson Florist 1908
Card, Centennial:  Omaha Public Library 1877-1977. 1977
Card, Membership: National Assoc. of American Balloon Corps Veterans 1932
Card, Ration: Civilian Sugar 1918
Cards, Playing: Northern Natural Gas  
Case, Photograph: Greater America Exposition 1899
Chalkboard: Fall Festival "83" Concessions   
Clock: Battery-Wound Regulator 1900
Coaster: Father Flanagan's Boys Home, Boys Town, Nebraska. 1991
Coaster: White Horse Inn 1936
Coin, Commemorative: 100th Anniversary NE Lodge No. 1 A.F. & A.M. 1955
Coin, Commemorative: Cecil B. DeMille's Motion Picture "Union Pacific" 1939
Coin, Commemorative: Nebraska Centennial 1967
Coin, Commemorative: Omaha National Bank 1970
Comb, Hair: Ad  "Harold Getscher 6133 Pinkney Phone WA. 3253".  
Corkscrew: Hiller Liquor Company 1905
Corkscrew: Sol. S. Goldstrom Distributing Co.  
Cup, Beverage: NCAA College World Series 1987
Cup, Tin: Trans-Mississippi & International Exposition 1898
Decal: National Association of American Balloon Corps Veterans 1932
Die: Balloon Pin National Association of American Balloon Corps Veterans 1975
Die: Wings for National Association of American Balloon Corps Veterans 1950
Display: Fort Omaha Buildings, radio tower dispute  
Documents: Gas Rationing Stamps, Receipts and Applications 1945
Engraving, Photo: Mormon Bridge Newspaper photo  
Fan: King Company Catering  
Flag, American: Donated by Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer  
Flag, WWI Service Window Flag. Displayed in service member's windows 1917
Flag: used at National Association of American Balloon Corps Veterans 1932
Fork: Empress Garden Restaurant 1905
Funeral Service Book: Edna Barta Letovsky 1978
Game: Trivia of Omaha & Douglas County  1983
Gavel, Sounding Board: National Assoc. American Balloon Corps Veterans 1932
Glass, Plastic: South Packers 1985
Glass: Fred Krug Brewing Company Beer Glasses  
Glass: Schlitz Brewing Company Beer Glasses  
Glass: South Omaha Brewing Company Beer Glasses  
Golf Ball Marker: Omaha Country Club   
Handbag: Nebraska Federation of Women's Clubs Convention  
Handkerchief: WWI 1919
Handout: Omaha Bee Newspaper advertisement  
Hangar, Wooden Coat: Pantorium  
Hanger, Wooden Coat: Carey Clearing Co   
Hanger, Wooden Coat: Higgins Cleaners & Dryers  
Hanger, Wooden Coat: Hotel Fontenelle  
Hanger, Wooden Coat: Max I. Walker   
Hanger, Wooden Coat: Dresher Bros.  
Hosiery & Lingerie Long Life Treatment  
Jug, Cream, Souvenir: Burwood Theatre, 1514 Harney; later Gayety Theater 1900
Key Chain: Drake-Williams Steel Inc., 100 Anniversary 1982
Key Chain: Mutual of Omaha, 75th Anniversary  1984
Key Chain: Peony Park, Omaha  
Key, Storybook: Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha 1970
Kit, Mending: Butternut Coffee Hosiery Mending Kit  
Knife, Two-bladed: George Barker & Co. 1866
Letter Opener: Livestock National Bank 1900
Letter Opener: Woodmen of the World  
Magnet: KVNO Radio Station  
Magnet: Omaha Symphony 1990
Magnet: University of Nebraska Hospital & Clinic  
Matchbook, Fort Crook, Nebraska 1940s
Matchbook: Nebraska Stocking Repair  
Matchbooks: Various businesses of Douglas County  
Medal, Commemorative: Trans-Mississippi Exposition 1898
Medal, Commemorative: Trans-Mississippi Exposition Manufacturer's Bldg. 1898
Medal: Peace Jubilee, Trans-Mississippi & International Exposition 1898
Medal: Victory Medal issued to R. Beecher Howell for service in WWI.  1919
Medal: Pioneer Club Women Medal 1940
Medal: West Indies Naval Campaign 1898
Mess Kit, Military: World War I, tin; oval tin dish with cover; fork and spoon 1917
Military Belt: Webbed Belt, World War I 1917
Military Beret: U.S. Army Balloon Corps 1918
Military Hat: Signal Corps 1917
Military Holster: World War I hand gun holster 1917
Military Insignia: WW I, C.W. Hamilton 1914-19
Military Model, Caquot Balloon: Painted Styrofoam model of balloon  
Military Model: 1911 US Army Colt 45  1917
Military Samples: Balloon material, shot down 2nd Battle of the Marne 1918
Military Telegraph Set: World War I 1918
Military Uniforms: WWII Army Air Corp Uniform: Khaki, Dress Green  
Military Weapon:  Bayonet in Scabbard, World War I 1917
Military Weapon: Socket Bayonet & Sheath 1870-1900
Mirror: Mutual of Omaha, with 75th Anniversary logo 1984
Mirror: Promotional Ad for Omaha Goods  
Napkin, Table: Hotel Blackstone: Plush Horse Room  
Night Light: O'Keefe Elevator 1985
Night Light: Packers National Bank  
Omaha, Nebraska Souvenir Saucer  
Paperweight: Burlington Station, Omaha, Neb 1900
Paperweight: Chicago Lumber Company 1951
Paperweight: New Court House, Omaha, Neb 1912
Patch: American Red Cross Volunteer  1915
Patch: Balloon Corps patch used by personnel at Fort Omaha  
Patch: Metro Area Transit Co.  
Patch: National Association of American Balloon Corps Veterans 1932
Patch: Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway  
Pen: Fountain pen used by Nebraska Governor to sign "Double Shift" Bill 1907
Pen: Standard Blue, Architectural, Engineering, Artist Supplies. 1970
Pen: used to sign contracts for the South Omaha bridge 1934
Pencil Holder: Triangle Live Stock Commission Co  
Pencils: U.S. Army 1938
Pennants: Omaha University 1950-60
Percussion Stick: Used by Fred Ebener, leader Omaha-based dance band 1930s
Phonograph Record: McFaydens Ford Christmas Greetings 1940
Pillow Cover: WWI ; with "A.E.F." and "Sweetheart" 1917
Pin: Golden Spike Days Lapel Pin 1939
Pin: Knights Templar 1905
Pin: Minnie Collett in picture 1900
Pin: Omaha High School of Commerce 1915
Pin: Omaha Posten (newspaper) Advertising Pin 1905
Pin: Omaha The Key to the Situation  
Pin: Omaha: The Key to the Situation 1910
Pin: Red Men Home Coming 1951
Pin: USAF Ground Observer Corps  
Pins: Affiliated National Hotels 1945
Pins: Ak-Sar-Ben Membership 1907-95
Pins: Freemasonry  
Pins: National Association of American Balloon Corps Veterans 1975
Pins: Yates School Pins.  Eighth grade class pins, with the initials "HYS" 1921-24
Pitcher, Cream: United States Army Medical Department 1917
Plaque and Key to the City of Omaha given to the NAABCV 1974
Plaque: Employer's Liability Assurance Corp. Ltd.  
Plate, Calendar: D.G. Schmidt, Druggist, Omaha 1909
Plate, Commemorative: Nebraska Centennial 1967
Plate, Commemorative: Nebraska Scenes  
Plate, Commemorative: Centennial of Omaha Nebraska 1954
Plate, Commemorative: City of Omaha, Mayor Al Veys 1980
Plate, Commemorative: Official Seal of Omaha 1989
Plate, Decorative: Compliments of Central Furniture Store, 17th and Howard 1900
Plate, Printing: Balloon Corps Association with text and images 1932
Plate, Printing: Omaha Presbyterian Churches Newspaper Illustration  
Plate: "Here's Johnny's!" Restaurant, Omaha  
Plates, Printing: J .L. Brandeis & Sons advertisements  
Poster: Action Scenes in France, 1918 1974
Poster: American Balloon Corps Veterans, autographed 1975
Poster: Depicts scenes from Argonne Battle, September 26, 1918 1948
Poster: Fort Omaha 1917 Poster, training grounds for the Balloon Corps 1974
Poster: WW I, "Code Your Message" 1917
Pot Holder: Evans Laundry and Cleaners 1980
Pot Holder: Franklin Furnace 1980
Rain Hat: Hilltop House Restaurant, 49th and Dodge Streets  
Ration Book Holder: WWII, containing 17 ration books; eagle on cover 1942-44
Ration Book: WWII 1943
Ration card, gasoline:  issued to Leata G. Norton. 1945
Ration Folder: WWII Gasoline  1944
Razor, Shaving: Dunning Hardware Co., Omaha  
Remnant: Molding Trim from Dundee Area Streetlamp  
Remnant: Omaha Theater Architectural Detail: Plaster Flower Relief  
Remnant: Piece of wooden flooring from the Martin Bomber Plant  
Ribbon: Bohemian Catholic Union Czech South Omaha 1906
Ribbon: Classical Association of the Middle West and South 1918
Ribbon: Federation Nebraska Retailers Convention 1910
Ribbon: Nebraska State Florists Society, March 19-20 1924 1924
Ribbon: Norden Omaha, a Swedish musical organization. 1908
Ribbon: "Lincoln Welcomes Omaha and So. Omaha Nebraska State Fair 1913
Ribbon: Rebekah Convention 1931
Ribbon: Swedish Students Concert 1904
Ribbons, Military: 43rd Balloon Corps Veterans Reunion, Ft. Omaha 1974
Ribbons: AASR Convention 1911-21
Ribbons: Douglas County Agricultural Society 1905-12
Ribbons: Douglas County Fair 1906
Ribbons: Fraternal Order of Eagles Convention 1913
Ribbons: Independent Order of Oddfellows Convention 1907-15
Ribbons: Omaha Florist Club Convention 1913
Rifle shot souvenir of Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, Paris 1889
Ring: University of Omaha, College of Commerce & Finance  
River City Beer Cans 1982
Sack: Herzbergs Store, 16th and Douglas. 1955
Sack: Omaha Printing Company 1978
Sack: Silk Shop 1940
Sack: Thomas Kilpatrick & Co. 1940
Seal Imprinter: J.L. Brandeis & Sons, Inc.  
Seal: National Association of American Balloon Corps Veterans 1932
Soap: Fell & Pinkerton Co. Soap sheets in cardboard folder  
Spoon: Pressed Tin, from W. S. Balduff Candy Company at 1114 Farnam St. 1915
Spoon: Welch's Lunch  1920
Spoon: Welch's Lunch Tablespoon 1920
Spoons, Tin: Balduff Omaha 1915
Square Nail: Historic General Grenville M. Dodge House in Council Bluffs, IA. 1869
Stamp Holder: Trans-Mississippi Exposition 1898
Stamps: WWII Gas Rationing 1940s
Swagger Stick: World War I 1918
Tag, ID: National Association of American Balloon Corps Veterans 1943
Tag, ID: Brownell Hall  
Tag, Luggage: Castle Hotel 1940
Tags: Omaha Humane Society  
Tech High School Senior Glee Club Letter 1920s
Tie Clasps: Ak-Sar-Ben 1969
Token: Inscribed with steer picture and M. F. Shafer & Co. Omaha - 1945
Token: Tomahawk Inn, 8823 Maple Street. Entitled bearer to one free drink.  
Token:  "T. J. Kenney 314 S. 14, St. Omaha" 1975
Token: Chris Nielsen's Bar, 2402 Leavenworth Street  
Token: Fort Crook Bus Lines  
Token: Jamieson's Buffet and Steak House, 3929 Farnam  
Token: Omaha Community Playhouse 1988
Token: Paxton Billiards 1970
Token: Red Point WWII Rationing Tokens  
Token: Silver Tap Room, Check and 10c Good for one 15c Drink of Whiskey  
Tokens: Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway Co.  
Tray, Silver: Omaha Athletic Club  
Trowel, Masonry: used at Court House, Scottish Rite Temple, Dundee School 1909
T-shirt: Ponderosa Bar, Elk City  
United States Senate Chamber Pass signed by Sen. Roman Hruska 1961
Vase: WW I Shell Vase, 75 mm artillery shell with hammered decorations 1920
Wooden Nickels: Discounts, Christmas Greetings from Beal's Grill 1978-87
Wooden Nickels: McCarthy Heating & Air Conditioning  
WWII Submarine replica made for Rachel Jensen by Italian prisoner of war 1940s