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Documents, Diaries, and Letters Available


Title Date
Abstract of 1416 N. 58th Street, Country Club Heights
Abstract of Title for Lots at 25th and E Street 1961
Abstract of Title to Lots 29 and 30
Abstract Title to Junction View Terrace #34455
Abstract Title to Junction View Terrace #42712
Abstract to land owned by John, George and Jean Ketcham
Account of Pay and Clothing, Adjutant General's Office 1898
Agenda for the Omaha City Council for 5 & 6 June 1989 1989
Agreement Between the City of Omaha and City Employees ca. 1975
Appointment of Irving F. Baxter as U.S. Attorney in the District of Nebraska 1904
Bill of Sale, McArdle Mill 1865
Board of Mediation and Investigation of Labor Troubles in Omaha, Partial Report 1917
Bridges Across the Missouri River at Omaha, Government Documents 1888-1902
Building Inventory Ledger, Fort Omaha 1930s-40s
Certificate of Appointment to Investigate Employer's Liability, Compensation Laws 1911
Certificate of Thanks to H.F. Wyman from Franklin D. Roosevelt 1918
Charter, United Daughters of the Confederacy
Check to Joseph Miller from the City of Omaha, Nebraska Territory 1865
City Council Resolution Expressing Gratitude to the Greater Omaha Historical Society 1964
Commissioning of W.W. Wyman as Postmaster of Omaha 1859
Congressional Act to Extend Completion Time on the Farnam Street Bridge 1934
Congressional Bill to Allow Construction of the Florence Bridge 1934
Construction Plans of Officers' Quarters at Fort Omaha 1880
Contract for Fresh Beef, Fort Omaha 1894
Countryside Garden Club information folder
Court Decree, Dan Dolan vs. City of Omaha 1978
Currency, City of Omaha 1857
Currency, United States Fractional n.d.
Death Certificate for Silas B. Benson 1905
Department of the Platte and Its Management, Documents and Research 1975
Deposition of Mary M. Stark 1891
Discharge Papers of Thomas Dixon from U.S. Army 1880, 1885
Docket Book, Douglas County Court 1940-50
Documents Concerning Fort Omaha, U.S. Government 1869-1889
Draft Registration Card, U.S. War Department 1918
Early Omaha Business Letterheads, ca. 1886s ca. 1886
Estimate of Receipts & Expenditures Summary, School District of Omaha 1981-88
Fire Department Reports, Omaha 1994
Flower Show Schedules folder
Garden Club Yearbook Information folder
Government Buildings in Omaha, Documents Concerning Old and New 1887-1896
Government Documents, Re: Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition 1897
Hart, Joseph M. Jr., Miscellaneous items
History, Bishop, Peck and Barker Families
History, Omaha Leather Co.
History, Ramer, Marie and Franz R. Family
House Executive Document No. 109, "Omaha Indian Lands in Nebraska" 1874
House Report No. 474, "Public Building at South Omaha, Nebraska", 1894
House Report No. 77, "City of Omaha, Nebraska" 1866
Improvement Commission Records and Correspondence, Omaha 1947-61
Infantry Drill Regulations 1891
Infantry Drill Regulations: The Manual of Arms 1897
Infantry Tactics, United States Army 1874
Joint Purchase of Land in Douglas Co. for Military Post: Joseph Barker Jr. 1868
Ledger photocopy, Florence Land Company
Liberty Bond Certificate, World War I
Log Book, Knights of Columbus
Manual of Guard Duty 1893
Manual of Military Aviation 1916
Marriage Certificate for Charles S. Duke and Ella M. Stratton 1881
Marriage Certificate for Conrad-Totenhaupt 1876
Marriage Certificate for Volney Smith and Nancy Elizabeth Lewis 1865
Mayor Al Veys Proclamation, Historic Omaha and Douglas County Week 1980
Mayor's Proclamation: "Memories of Buffalo Bill's Wild West" Day 1984
Meeting Minutes, Mid-West Wholesale Coal Dealers Assoc.
Mint Branch Proposal in Omaha, Government Documents 1901-02
Muster-in Roll, Adjutant General's Office 1898
Nebraska Currency Reproductions, 1856-1863
Notary Public Certificates 1899, 1911
Notes, Omaha City Bank and Land Company Bank 1858-65
Notes, The Bank of Florence ca. 1856
Notice of Classification, U.S. War Department 1918
Obituaries, Snoddy Family
Official Inspection Report, Millard Hotel Fire 1933
O'Keefe Elevator Company records
Old Colony Trust Company vs. City of Omaha 1916
Omaha Museum Days 1990
Omaha Public Schools, Biographical Data 1979
Original Charter, Ordinances and By-Laws, City of Florence
Packing House District Resolution 1918
Payroll of Capt. Goss' Company of Col. Converss Regiment 1776
Planning Department Documents, Omaha 1954-71
Poll Book of General Election Held Nov. 6, 1883 1883
Post Office Ledgers, Omaha 1857-61
Post Records of War Department, Adjutant General's Office 1952
Quality Environment Information folder
Quit-claim Deed Held by Joseph Barker 1856
Reconnaissance Survey of Selected Neighborhoods in Omaha
Resolution Passed after the Death of Robert B. Howell 1933
Sample Ballot, City of Omaha, Special Election 1946
Sample Ballot, State, County and Municipal Offices 1912
Senate Report No. 1676, "Omaha National Bank" 1894
Soldier's Handbook U.S.A. 1908
Soldier's Hand-Book: For the Use of the Enlisted Men of the Army 1889
South Omaha Bridge Project Report 1934
Stock Certificate, Elk City Hall Association 1902
Stock Certificate, Omaha Auditorium Company 1903
Tax Receipts, Douglas County 1899-1909
Territorial Warrant No. 146 1859
Testimonial on the Death of Henry T. Clarke, Sr. from Gov. Morehead 1913
The Dees in America
Traffic Violation Ticket, Omaha 1926
Treasurer's Ledger, Nebraska Territory 1856-1861
Treasury Records and Correspondence, Nebraska Territory 1857-1859
U.S. Army Documents of Silas Barton, Jr. 1941-47
Union Pacific Executive Order from Abraham Lincoln 1863
Zoning Ordinance, Omaha 1920
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Diaries & Letters

Title Date
Adams, Beulah Letter; re: 1913 Tornado 1913
Aren't Grandmothers Cry-Babies Letter 1949
Baer, Alan Letter Collection 1974
Bank of Florence Life Insurance Letter  
Barker, Joseph Letters 1868-1871
Bartlett, William R.; Recommendation Letter 1871
Beck, Frederick Letters  
Bemis Bag Co. Letter  
Borglum, August M., Omaha Music Letters 1947
Brother to sister concerning a wedding, letter   
Burnap, Edward P., Letter to Harold Becker 1975
Cabanne, John P. Letters 1824-33
Christel Fay Pratt Letter Collection 1945-73
Civil War Letter: First Nebraska Regiment Near Corinth, Miss. c. 1862
Civil War Letters: Curtis Horse in Tennessee 1862
Conant, Harley Letter Collection 1891-1955
Cuming, Mrs. Thomas B. Letter n.d
De Camp, John Memo on the Franklin Credit Union Hearings 1990
Dennison, Dynamo Correspondence 1951-76
Doyle Family Letters 1851-1931
Duke Family Letters 1883-1905
Fort Laramie Hay Purchases From Coad Correspondence 1876
Frese, Rev. E.J. Letter 1893
General Silas Seymour Letter, re: Transcontinental Railroad 1904-05
Hamilton, Oscar Correspondence Collection  
Hill's Chloride of Gold Remedy Letter 1923
Kelley, John T. Letter 1967
Lee-Glass-Andreesen Hardware Company Inner Office Memo 1908
Letter to "My Dear Friend Mary" 1869
Luxus Beer Letter 1968
MacArthur, Gen. Douglas, Letter to Harold Becker 1976
Marsh, William and Flora Diaries  
North High School Rifle Range, Letter Regarding Use 1931
Omaha High School Class of 1876, Letters to Harold Becker 1975
Omaha Loan and Trust Company Letters 1969-71
Omaha Music Teachers Association Letter 1932
Omaha Music Teachers Association, Letters to Harold Becker 1975
Palmetto Bark Letter from Cuba 1898
Peters, Charles A. Letter n.d
Possible Origin of Burlington Route Name 1897
Pratt School Letters 1954-65
Preservation of Omaha Buildings Letter  
Reynolds, Sam W Letter Collection; re:1952 Flood 1952-54
Special Induction Notice to W.C. Bloom 1918
Storz, Art Letter 1988
Toonerville Trolleys, Letter to Harold Becker 1979
Totenhaupt Letter Collection 1920-42
Wall, W.R. Family Genealogy, Letters to Harold Becker 1974
White,  Sgt. Patrick J. Letter Collection; re: Spanish-American War 1898-1900
Woolworth, Anne Diary  
Wyman, Henry F. Correspondence; re: Topographical Aid 1882

from sender to recipient

Allison, Pastor Winthrop to Castellar Presbyterian Church 1902
Davis, Olga Metz to Dorothy Dustin 1987
Dirgo, Ruth to Dorothy Dustin Regarding Rawhide Creek 1987
Disney, Walt to E. John Brandeis 1962
"Emory University to James Harvey Young " Emory University to James Harvey Young  1984
Fontenelle, Henry to editor of Bellevue Newspaper 1875
Hitchcock, Gilbert M. to Henry Doorly 1913-18
Hoctor, Emmett C. to Chris Olson 1981
Kaye, Sammy to the Omaha Red Cross Canteen 1944
Kennedy, W.C. to Harold Becker,  Regarding Howard Kennedy  
Kerrey, Senator Bob to Monica Geier, re: Ban on Gays in the Military 1993
Latenser, John to Moie Latenser 1898
Lester, Josephine White to Gwendolen White 1910
Liggett, Guy to Members of Omaha Real Estate Board 1929
Lowrie, S.T. to Rev. Joseph Lampe 1904
Maag, Jacob to Walter Wullschleger 1979
Madoerin, Hershel  to Douglas County Historical Society 1990
Maxey, James B. to Harold W. Pedley 1948
McGrew, Bertha A.H. to E. L. Macquiddy Sr. 1963
Metcalfe, Mayor to James H. Kyner 1931
Morehead, John H. to Arthur Metz 1913
Phillips, S. L., Acting Att. General to Robert T. Lincoln, Secretary of War 1883
Poppleton, A. J. to James M. Parker 1890
Quartermaster General to Brigadier General Townsend 1870
Quartermaster General to the Secretary of War 1879
Skalla, Dean to Sam W. Reynolds Letter  
Steel Post Note to Henry W. Yates, Sr. 1877
Stegner, Louise to Floy Smith Turner 1940
Van Alstine, Hugh to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Van Alstine 1920-23
Wedemeyer, Alfred C.  to James Denney 1983
Woodbridge, Sands F. to David Sandler 1968
Zimmerman, Gottlob to Pauline Zimmerman 1887
Zorinsky, Mayor Edward to Congressman John Y. McCollister 1975
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