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Abbott Dr Property Ownership from OWH morgue files1957
Afro-American calendar1972
Agricultural Society note pad  
Agriculture: A Masterly Review of the Wealth, Resources and Possibilities of Nebraska 1883
Ak-Sar-Ben Banquet Honoring President Theodore Roosevelt, menu and seating chart  1903
Ak-Sar-Ben Coronation invitations 1920-1935
Ak-Sar-Ben Coronation Supper invitations 1985-89
Ak-Sar-Ben Exposition Company President's report 1929
Ak-Sar-Ben Festival of Alhambra invitation 1898
Ak-Sar-Ben Horse Racing, promotional material1987
Ak-Sar-Ben King and Queen Photo Christmas cards
Ak-Sar-Ben Members Show tickets 1951
Ak-Sar-Ben Membership cards 1920-52
Ak-Sar-Ben memo pad 1962
Ak-Sar-Ben Parking stickers 1960-1964
Ak-Sar-Ben Racing tickets
Ak-Sar-Ben Show posters
Al Green's Skyroom menu
Alamito Dairy order slips
All City Elementary Instrumental Music Concert invitation  
American Balloon Corps Veterans 43rd Reunion & Homecoming menu1974
American Biscuit & Manufacturing Co advertising card  
American Gramaphone catalogs 1987-92
American Loan Plan advertising card  
American News of Books: A Monthly Estimate for Demand of Forthcoming Books1948
American Red Cross Citations 1968-1969
American Red Cross poster, "We Have Helped Have You"1910
American West: Nebraska (in German)1874
America's Greatest Hour? ca. 1944
An Excellent Thanksgiving Proclamation menu 1899
Angelo's menu
Antiquarium Galleries Exhibit Announcements1988
Appleby, Agnes & Herman  50 Wedding Anniversary Souvenir pamphlet1978
Archbishop Bergan Mercy Hospital calendars
Archdiocese of Omaha calendar1992
Armstrong Realty Co. "For Rent" sign ca. 1930s
Arthritis Foundation, Woman of the Year Gala invitations 1986
Arts calendar 1990-91
Ashmusen Manufacturing Co Aviation Engines advertising1919
Assistance League of Omaha Christmas Caravan Boutique1990
Assistance League of Omaha Community calendars 1984-91
Association of Amateur Chefs, Omaha Centennial Dinner menu1954
Badger Body Manufacturing Co calendars 1949-52
Bahr, Vermeer & Haecker, New Year Greeting card1988
Baker, Walter & Co., Choice Recipes1913
Baker's placemat ca. 1985
Baldwin, Grace elementary school papers 1915-1921
Baldwin, Helen, Pupil report
Ballard's Book of the Great War1920
Ballet Omaha information folder1990
Bank of Elkhorn NE stationery 1880's
Barbary Coast menu
Barker Letters exhibit poster  
Barker, George E. checks 1858 & 1873
Baum, Carl S. Drug Store Christmas card  
Becker, Harold, Research Notes on African-American History in Omaha & Nebraska (200 cards)  
Bellevue calendar "Beginning … Historic Bellevue, Neb."1986
Bemis Foundation Events invitations 1989-92
Bemis Park Tour of Homes poster  
Bennett's Omaha Red Book & Pocket Bureau information1897
Bennett's Red Book, A Reliable Guide to the City of Omaha1901
Bennett's Red Book: A Reliable Guide to the City of Omaha 1899
Benson Dry Goods' advertising card ca. 1890
Benson High School, The Green and White handbook 1929
Benson Presbyterian Church calendars 1949 & 1950
Bergan, Gerald T. Golden Priestly Jubilee  
Bethel Lutheran Church 50 Anniversary napkin1966
Big Green & Big Gold Lottery Tickets1975
Black Angus Restaurant advertising materials  
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Nebraska, 50th Anniversary calendar poster1989
Bohemian Cafe placemat ca. 1980
Bond Bread Cookbook1935
Boomerang Room menu
Borsheim's Fine Jewelry catalogs 1991-98
Borsheim's Fine Jewelry information packet1990
Bostwick, Louis R. photo sleeve 1932
Bowles Livestock Commission Co advertising card & Market report1909
Boyd's Opera House Performance Flyers  
Boyer Twin Co calendar1970
Boyle, Mike, "Recall the Mayor" bumper sticker1986
Boyles College stationery1921
Boys Town bookmarks  
Boys Town Christmas cards
Boys Town Events, invitations 1977-89
Boys Town Hotline Telephone Number Sticker  
Boys Town Honorary Citizen card1964
Bozell Inc: brochure of ad Campaigns  
Brandeis Crossroads 1973
Brandeis Merchandise Sack  
Brandeis Restaurant Special Luncheon menu 1921
Brandeis Stores sales receipt1913
Brandeis,  E John,  Open Diamond Bar Rancho stationery  
Brandeis, J.L. mailing envelopes ca. 1938
Browing, King & Co Notebook & calendar  
Brunn, Dick B  Co stationery  
Buy the Big O: Support the Greater Omaha Metro Ad Campaign1992
Byars, LP Hardware (Valley NE) stationery1889
Cady, HF Lumber Co advertising literature1912
Cafe de Croissant menu
Caldwell, P.C. Political card
Camp Esther Newman poster, Omaha Jewish Community Center  
Caniglia's Pizzaria and Steak House menu
Caniglia's Royal Boy Drive-In menu
Caniglia's Venice Inn menu
Carnegie, Andrew & His Gifts that Continue to Grow: A Traveling Exhibition poster  
Cathedral Arts Project Events invitations 1986, 1991
Central High School poster: 102nd Anniversary  
Central High School Register 35 Reunion Edition1977
Central High School scrapbook
Central High School Student Activity card 1937
Central High School transcript for Helen Baldwin
Central High School, Annual Music Festival of the A Cappella Choir invitation1940
Central High School, Purple & White Handbook1940
Central Park Mall poster  
Chamber of Commerce Annual Good Will Tour menus1938
Chautauqua & Sower Awards invitation and brochure1992
China Palace Restaurant menu  
Chrysler Corporation Motorcade of American Cities Salute to Omaha Nebraska1941
Chuck Wagon Inn menu
City of Omaha Annual Statistics 1921 & 1926
City of Omaha Gas Heater Permit  
City of Omaha Honorable Mayors from 1851 to 1916  
City of Omaha Official stationery1986
City of Omaha Plans for the Future1957
City of Omaha Traffic Laws1900
City of Omaha Traffic Rules1934
City of Omaha, Annual Pedestrian Traffic Counts 1950-64
City of Omaha, Police Regulations & Safety Rules for Motor Operations1930
City of Omaha, Table of Total Housing Units, 1970 & 19801980
City of Omaha, Winter Service Manual & Official Traffic Rules & Regulations1929
City of South Omaha, Rules of the City Council1910
Civil Defense Department "Fallout Protection for Homes with Basements" booklet
Civil War Soldiers, Monuments & Memorials in Nebraska1993
Clark College Evening program certificate
Clark, FH General Blacksmithing (Valley NE) stationery1894
Clarkson Hospital Service League Fashion Show, Admission Tickets 1975-88
Clarkson Hospital Service League, "Legends A Timeless Look at Fashion"1993
Clift, Montgomery research materials  
Clift, Montgomery, Collection of Letters Regarding  1986-89
Cody Trading Co, Cody, WY items1906
Collins, GH & JS, Letterhead stationery1880
Colony Club advertising items  
Colony Club menu
Combs, Elton Conrey birth certificate1936
Commerce High Summer School certificate of  enrollment card 1921
Commercial Club of Omaha Souvenir of Excursion1894
Community Status Listing 1856-1913
Community Welfare Membership Leaflet for the 20,000 Club ca. 1926
Complimentary Banquet for George Crook by the Union Club menu 1888
Conquest of the Plains: manuscripts & notes1917
Consolidated Coffee advertising cards ca. 1890
Consolidated Coffee Company's German Coffee and Yeast card ca. 1890
Contempo Related Fashions for Men catalog 1938
Corridor of Jewish History and Reikes Synagogue exhibit announcement 1926
Council Bluffs and Nebraska Ferry Co. Articles of Agreement 1854
Country Club District, Earnest Money Contract for Purchase of Lots1925
Countryside Garden Club records
Cowboy Artists calendar1973
Cozzens Hotel Christmas menu 1884
CP Baking Powder, advertising card  
Creighton School of Law Annual Dinner invitation1991
Creighton University Bluejay Basketball Cumulative Statistics 1963-64
Creighton University Bluejay Decal  
Creighton University booklet1923
Creighton University Commencement Announcements1988
Creighton University High School Diploma & Wresting Certificate1935
Creighton University in the Dominican Republic1979
Creighton University Notepad1985
Creighton University student handbook 1940-41
Creighton, Clare  engagement book1887
Crook House stationery  
Cruickshank & Co advertising cards  
Crystal Ball invitation1987
Cudahy Packing Co. Pocket calendar 1929
Culp & Turner Dry Goods (Elk City NE) stationery 1888-91
Custer, HK Wagon & Carriage Factory, Blacksmithing & Repairing (Valley NE) stationery 1887-88
CW Hull Co Return Envelope  
Dahlman Democracy Membership card1920
Dateline Omaha ca. 1972
Dateline Omaha: The Way Women See It ca. 1974
Daub, Hal,  Family Christmas cards  
Daugherty & Parker Livestock Commission Co stationery1935
Dean Noyes Election ink blotter 1951
Delphian Society handbook1931
Disabled American Veterans Citation of Merit 1973
Dodge Street Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 1948
Douglas County Bank of Omaha advertising card  
Douglas County Business & Calling cards  
Douglas County Community Affairs Office, Fraudulent Schemes brochure
Douglas County Historical Society & Metro Area Transit Trivia cards1988
Douglas County Historical Society: History can be Histerical poster  
Douglas County Juror information booklets1987
Douglas County Public Schools 1869-2000 Educational Directory 1999
Douglas County Schools Student report cards  
Douglas County Superintendents of Public Instruction 1869-1991, plaque 
Douglas County, Manual for Use by Election Officials1960
Doyle, Thomas G. Business card1840
Drew Brothers Inc. advertising card
Drive into our tepee for your winter car service
Duchesne Academy Benefit invitations 1990-91
Duchesne Academy Student Handbook 1988-89
Duchesne Academy Student Recruitment Information 1987, 1991
Dunham Manufacturing Co. Pocket Notebook1895
Durham Western Heritage Museum Events invitations  
Durham Western Heritage Museum, Christmas at Union Station poster  
Eaton's True Blue Contest Speller 1941
Egbert, AA & CO (Valley NE) stationery 1891-96
Elm Tree School District #23 Douglas County School Board Policies
Elmwood Park Golf Course tickets1942
Emergency handbook Directory 1980
Emmy Gifford Children's Theater 1992-95
Envelopes for "The Nebraska" ca. 1973
Eppley Hotels Co Door Knob Tag  
Ethnic Groups in Nebraska, Research Material  
Evans Laundry & Cleaners ink blotter advertising  
Evening at Convent Garden invitation1990
Falstaff Honorary Brewtaster Certificate 1954-57
Family Guide to Omaha booklet 1993, 1995
Farmers' Almanac, Vol. 169 1985
Farmers State Bank advertising card1943
Farnam School banner
Father Flanagan's Boys Home Holiday Seals1991
Field Club Baseball League weekly bulletin 1950
Fifth Annual Banquet of the McKinley Club of Omaha menu 1907
Fire Prevention posters
Fireside Restaurant menu
First National Bank check 1892
First National Bank of Omaha note pad1918
First Unitarian Church guidebook 1969-70
First Unitarian Church, Centennial Year Events (1969)   
Fisk Tire Com advertising Items 1925-26
Fitch and Cole Memorial Chapel fan ca. 1940
Flour Milling in Nebraska  
Flyer for Omaha City Auditorium Events  
Fontenelle Forest Reserve 1919
Fontenelle Hotel Ink blotter  
Fontenelle Hotel menu1915
Football Schedules from Coast to Coast1926
For Rent: Armstrong Realty Co  
Ford Birthsite First Day Cancellations postage stamp 1995
Ford Birthsite Greeting cards  
Ford Storage & Moving Co information packet1990
Fort Atkinson Foundation Membership Certificates1961
Fort Kearney Centennial US Postage Stamps1948
Fort Omaha Civilian Employee Identification card1944
Fort Omaha Television Tower, Research materials regarding installation 1990-91
Fort Omaha, Change of Command Ceremony invitation1977
Fraternal Order of Eagles Membership certificate 1914
Friendship Fountain on Missouri River, Proposal for Design1974
Garden Café gift certificate1991
Garden Club nametags
Gardiner, Alex Contractor & Builder (Valley NE) stationery1893
Gate City Steel catalog  
Gates Collection brochure (Omaha Zoological Society)1966
Gates, Cole & Miles, Home Coffee and Spice Mills advertising cards
Gavin and Effie Robb Jamison ledger pages1883
Gelston, GW General Merchandise & Farm (Elk City NE) stationery1894
General Insurance "Welcome to Omaha" dinner menu and program 1921
German Club of Nebraska notice1912
Gibson, J.S. pocket memorandum 1877
Gifford, Hal & Emmy Family Christmas cards 1953-90
Gilliland, Richard & Martha, Christmas cards1986
Girls Club of Omaha booklet, "Where Are You Going?"1990
Girls Club of Omaha Events & Benefits invitations1988
Glen Falls Home Insurance advertising card  
Globe Printing Shop advertising card
Godfather's Pizza Inc Company information packet  
Golden Priestly Jubilee: Gerald T. Bergan 1965
Golden Spike Centennial 1869-1969 commemorative stamps1969
Golden Spike Days, Historical Exposition ticket1939
Golden Spur menu
Goldstein-Chapman's Trend catalog 1938
Great Western Smith Manufacturing Co catalog1908
Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Events invitations1992
Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce information packet1986
Guinary, Dr. San (KMTV Creature Feature personality) autographed photo1972
Hall, Myrton L., Retirement Reception invitation1990
Hamilton & Co ink blotter  
Hanscom Park Methodist Church Christmas card  
Happy Hollow Club membership cards 1919-1936
Hayden Bros style book1907
Heartland of America Park & Fountain Dedication invitation1990
Heirloom Discovery Day poster  
Henderson Florist advertising cards ca. 1908
Henry Doorly Zoo Take A Gorilla to Lunch advertising  
Henry Latey Confectionery Business advertising card 1890s
Historical Society of Douglas County Events invitations  
History of Mass Transportation in Omaha memo1985
Hoctor, James P Membership cards 1918-40
Hoffman, Charles A  General Blacksmithing stationery 1910's
Hospe, A. advertising card ca. 1890
Hotel Paxton sleeping sign
Hotel Paxton stationery  
Howland, EH Lumber & Coal Co advertising literature1913
Hruska, US Sen. Roman, honored at dinner, invitation1963
Hudson River House card c. 1882
Hughes, Violet Prudence, Omaha High School diploma 1916
Hunan Garden Restaurant 1984 calendar 1983
Images of Nature, catalog of Thomas D. Mangelsen's photographs  
Immanuel Medical Center promotional packet 1985
International Order of Odd Fellows membership certificate 1919
International Order of Odd Fellows stationery 1889-94
Inter-State Livestock Commission Co Market report and advertising pamphlet1917
Iten's Handy Helper ca. 1920
IXL Meat Market (Valley NE) stationery1896
Izaak Walton League Omaha Chapter Membership card of William Marsh 1923-32
Izard, Mark W. "On The Life of Mark W. Izard" booklet 1954
Jack & Jill Restaurant menu
Jackson, W.H. Photographs Wonder Places calendar1984
Jewish Community Center booklet1972
Jim Alma's menu
Johnny "The Cat" Mize illustrated envelope1986
Johnny's Café menu
Joseph H Millard House Christmas card illustration  
Joslyn Art Museum Events invitations 1990-91
Joslyn Art Museum, Antiques Sales & Auction catalog1973
Joslyn Castle Fund Raising Events invitations  
Joslyn Women's Association, Benefit invitations1990
Junior League of Omaha Training Opportunities 1993-94
Karnes, David K.  calendar1988
Kellom Heights Neighborhood study notes  
Kellom School, grammar school graduation diploma of Frances Hammond1914
Ken Eddy's Drive-In Restaurant menu
Kennedy, J.A.C. "For Legislature J.A.C. Kennedy" political card
Kennedy, J.A.C. stationery
Kerrey, Senator Bob, Swearing-in Ceremony invitation1988
Kids, Kids, Kids magazine Family Guide to Omaha1990
Kieser, Henry F publisher and bookseller, advertising flier   
Kieser's Book Store Bookmark ca. 1970
Kilpatrick, Thomas & Co address book advertising1950
King, Larry & Alice Personal Property Auction catalog1991
Kitty Clover Story brochure  
Klopp Printing/Herndon House ink blotter ca. 1940
Klopp Printing/Merchants National Bank Building ink blotter ca. 1940
Klopp Printing/Union Livestock ink blotter c. 1940
Klopp Printing: Board of Trade Building ink blotter ca. 1940
Klopp Printing: Douglas County Court House ink blotter ca. 1940
Klopp Printing: Omaha High School ink blotter ca. 1940
KMTV Tour Guide ca. 1955
Kollegium Zwiazku Narodowego Polskiego calling card
Kuenne Bakery calendars 1959-60
Kutak Rock & Campbell Co information packet1989
Lake School, Prophecy of the Class of 19091909
Landmarks Inc. poster, Six Historic Omaha Homes   
Landmarks Inc., Places of Historic Interest in Nebraska  
Larson Cement Stone Co advertising items  
Latenser, John business card  
Lest We Forget (Omaha history booklet by Dorothy Nicholson)  
Liberty War Bond posters  
Lincoln Highway Association, Contributors1913
Lindgren, Victor G. campaign card ca. 1912
Lindsay, Z.T. stationery1897
Lininger & Metcalf Co advertisement card1901
Look at Your Unicameral guide1988
Louis, Karl N memorial booklet1959
Love, Preston  "Preston Love and his His Orchestra" advertisement  
Lucky Rainbow lottery ticket 1984
M. Veldhuyzen Van Zanten & Zonen advertising card ca. 1908
M.C. Smith & Company Souvenir booklet  
Macaroni: one of the greatest foods and how to use it1932
Mandaville, Joe J. Criminal "Wanted" notice1930
Marcotte Insurance Agency, Inc. calendar 1975
Marian High School calendar 1987-88
Marian High School Student-Parent handbook 1987-88
Market Basket menu1988
Masonic Hall, performance invitation1899
Masonic Membership certificate 1908
Masonic Membership certificate for Lodge No 2881916
Matthews, Francis P., Secretary of Navy, address delivered in Omaha1949
Max Geisler Bird Co stationery  
Maximillian Expedition Commemorative calendar 1833-19831983
Mayor James C Dahlman's Proclamation of Drive Safely Week1928
McCague Savings Bank Folder ca. 1894
McCoy, A. and Company Merchant Tailors card ca. 1890
McDermott,  Jay F Omaha Legion Post No. 1 Commander, ink blotter1941
McGovern, Thomas Campaign card 1915
McKesson Grund Pharmacy calendar 1960
McMillan Junior High School 20 Year Celebration1979
McMillan Junior High School Dedication invitation1960
Menard, Orville, brochure on "Boss Rule in Omaha: The Dennison Machine" lecture ca. 1980's
Mercer Mansion invitation1987
Metropolitan Arts Council of Omaha, Events invitations 1983, 88, 92
Metropolitan Building & Loan Association calendars 1953 & 1959
Metropolitan Community College calendar1992
Metropolitan Technical Community College Dedication of Building Ten invitation 1984
Metz Brewing Co Outline of Employee Group Insurance Benefits1954
Midwest Archives Conference calendars 1999-2000
Midwest Photo Co Employee calendar 1991-94, 1999
Millard Hotel Christmas Day Dinner menu  
Miller Automatic Feeders instruction book  
Miller Cereal Mills Tasty Corn recipes   
Miller's Liquid Hog Medicine: Miler Chemical Co advertising flyer  
Mister C's Steakhouse menu  
Mohawk National Tire Shop advertising items  
Moll Auto Livery sign  
Monell, John J Jr., Regalias, Uniforms & Seals Stationery 1887-88
Monitor Club Payment Pad1910
Monroe Calculating Machine Co Inc advertisings cards  
Moorish Palace advertising brochure1898
Morton Junior High School guide 1990-92
Morton Junior High School guide 1989-90
Morton Salt Co. ink blotter ca. 1905
Mother Tucker's Restaurant menu 1984
Movement of Million Dollar Companies, research notes1978
Mr. C's Steakhouse luncheon menu  
M's Pub menus ca. 1980
Municipal University of Omaha 50th Anniversary invitation 1958
Music Teachers advertising brochure ca. 1885
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance advertising brochure ca. 1922
Mutual of Omaha Co Wild Kingdom calendars1991
Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom calendars 1992-93
N.P. Dodge Co stationery  
N.P. Dodge Co. "Westbrook: An Omaha Lot For Only Two Dollars A Week" booklet ca. 1935
National Association of American Balloon Corps Veterans stationery  
National Corn Exposition pamphlet 1909
National Education Association, Local and State membership cards 1975-76
National Fur & Tanning Co advertising Literature 1910-13
National Live Stock Exchange, Dinner for Visiting Delegates menu1908
National Livestock Commission: message to shippers1910
National Refining Co advertising items  
National Society of Fundraising Executives Luncheon & Awards Ceremony invitation1986
Neal and Conrad, advertising card1890
Nebraska Brewing Co Inc calendars 1966-69
Nebraska Catalog of Events 1986-95
Nebraska Children's Home Society Centennial Celebration1993
Nebraska Congress of Parents and Teachers, History1950
Nebraska Democratic Century Club tribute to Harry S. Truman booklet 1962
Nebraska Historical Pageant1916
Nebraska Indian Geography, Glimpse at 1915
Nebraska Lewis & Clark Trail Center research summary & notes1991
Nebraska National Forest Silver Anniversary notice1927
Nebraska Personal Injury Suit1927
Nebraska Power Co. Home Service Department handouts  
Nebraska Republican Ticket (Calvin Coolidge)1924
Nebraska School for the Deaf advertising Flyer   
Nebraska School for the Deaf yearbook 1953
Nebraska Semi-Centennial Teaching pamphlet1917
Nebraska State Education Association, calendar and Guide to Services 1989-90
Nebraska State Education Association, calendar and Guide to Services 1990-91
Nebraska Statehood First Day of Issue postage stamp 1967
Nebraska Statehood, First Day of Issue, US Postage Stamps1967
Nebraska Territorial Centennial US Postage Stamps1954
Nebraska Territory Centennial postage stamp badge 1954
Nebraska Tuberculosis Association Membership cards of William Marsh 1927-31
Nebraska Unicameral Legislature: 50th Anniversary poster  
Nebraska Was Their Home Placemat1966
Neihardt, John G., 90th Birthday Tribute invitations1970
Nesbitt, J.S. (Waterloo, NE) stationery1893
New Mercer Hotel card 1898
New State History Book by Addison E Sheldon, announcement  
Noon Day Club of Omaha membership card 1920-1921
Norseman Navigation North High School student handbook1961
North High School Annual Christmas Concert invitations to 1938-39
North Omaha Kiwanis Club 40 Anniversary packet 1938-78
Northwestern Bell Telephone Co Centennial Issue1947
O'Connell, Father Patrick "Peking Mass Fraud"1979
Odd Fellows certificate 1870
Offutt Air Force Base General's Row note card1976
Old Market poster, Stone Detail  
Omaha Cardinals baseball team photo1955
Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway Co. Operators' Rules & Regulations1943
Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway Co. Transfer Tickets  
Omaha 2000 booklet  
Omaha 2000 campaign "We are Counting on You"2000
Omaha and Council Bluffs Street and Railway Company calendars  
Omaha and Douglas County: A Panoramic History (advertising poster)  
Omaha Area Photography Studio Film Envelopes  
Omaha Art Show business receipts  1893-94
Omaha Athletic Club membership cards 1921-1933
Omaha Bakery advertising cards  
Omaha Baseball Club Souvenir Scorebook1916
Omaha Bureau of Publicity "What to See" brochure ca. 1921
Omaha calendar 2000  
Omaha Carriage Top Co stationery1908
Omaha Centennial 1854-19541954
Omaha Centennial Official Once-In-A-Lifetime Ticket Book  
Omaha Central High School Commencement Exercises announcement  
Omaha Central Labor Union constitution and by-laws 1905
Omaha Central Park Mall & Marina City Park1974
Omaha Chamber of Commerce membership certificate 1928
Omaha Chamber of Commerce stationery  
Omaha Children's Museum: Souvenir shop sack1989
Omaha City Schools Transfer certificate1886
Omaha City Treasurer Taxpayers information card 1917
Omaha Civil Defense manual1950
Omaha Club, Collection of 3 designs of China Patterns  
Omaha College Club booklet 1933
Omaha Community Playhouse Benefits & Programs, invitations1990
Omaha Community Playhouse Building: poster  
Omaha Community Playhouse Guild "From Design to Reality" invitation 1986
Omaha Confidential booklet 1966
Omaha Country Club  1954 Season calendar  
Omaha Country Club Golf Score card ca. 1960
Omaha Crockery Company check 1907
Omaha Daily Bee Carrier's New Year's Address brochure 1882
Omaha Daily Herald New Year's Offering '88 booklet 1888
Omaha Daily Republican Carrier's address brochure 1885
Omaha Daily Republican Carrier's Holiday greeting card 1890
Omaha Dodgers Ball Club1961
Omaha Economic Development Council, Dateline Omaha brochure 1970
Omaha Facts Data Series 1973
Omaha Fertile Field of Education1967
Omaha Field Club menu1906
Omaha Fish & Wildlife Club membership cards  
Omaha Gas Co: Residential Gas Bill1912
Omaha Hide & Fur Co advertising Literature 1912-13
Omaha High School booklet 1913
Omaha High School Class of '76 Graduation Exercises program
Omaha High School diploma 1897
Omaha High School of Commerce Activities cards 1919-1922
Omaha High School Regiment, Christmas cards1930
Omaha Hilton Hotel stationery  
Omaha History calendars 1993-2000
Omaha Home for Boys calendars1990
Omaha Home for Boys Christmas stamps
Omaha Horse & Mule Commission Co. calendar  
Omaha Housing Authority calendar1985
Omaha Industrial Exposition admission ticket1890
Omaha Job Clearinghouse job pamphlet1992
Omaha Landmarks Inc. calendars1991
Omaha Leather Company Bookmark ca. 1920
Omaha Master Plan
Omaha Morning World-Herald, Miniature Reproduction of 30 Nov 18991899
Omaha Municipal Court, Criminal Division appearance bonds1959
Omaha National Bank "Hints on the Banking Business for Ladies" booklet ca. 1885
Omaha National Bank Building Ink Blotter, Klopp Printing advertising  
Omaha National Bank Open House for the News Media at the Woodmen Tower invitation1970
Omaha National Bank: Ink Blotter & advertising  
Omaha National Defense Resources Conference booklet 1959
Omaha Philatelic Society Exhibition stationery1963
Omaha Police Department, Pass issued after 1913 tornado
Omaha Police Dept, Highlights of Material presented in 1936 Police School 1936
Omaha Polo Clubs 4th Annual Charity Horse Show exhibitor badge 1944
Omaha Post Office poster
Omaha poster illustrated by Keith Hasenbalg  
Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation1992
Omaha Press Club menus  
Omaha Printing Co advertising brochure1988
Omaha Printing Company, 1858-1891 Oct-Dec calendar  
Omaha Public Library, Reading List for Sixth Graders  
Omaha Public Schools calendars 1979-1984
Omaha Public Schools Celebrate Learning & Living Sticker  
Omaha Public Schools Code of Conduct and Records for Students
Omaha Public Schools diploma
Omaha Public Schools, Master Agreement with Board of Education 1984-87
Omaha Public Schools, Student Writing and Styles Books 1962, 1979
Omaha Safe Deposit Co advertising leaflet  
Omaha Society of Fine Arts Membership cards 1923-1925
Omaha Steaks Good Life Guide & Cookbook 1987, 1991
Omaha Steaks International catalog 1990-91
Omaha Stove Repair Works booklet ca. 1914
Omaha Street Railway Passes 1893-1898
Omaha Summer School of Missions Class Listings1914
Omaha Symphony Association Prelude to Flight invitation 1986
Omaha Symphony Concert Promotional Materials 1990-93
Omaha Symphony Designer Showhouse Celebration invitations1999
Omaha Symphony/ASID Designers' Showhouse: Joslyn Castle, information packet1990
Omaha Taxicab Co General Rules & Instructions for Drivers, Starters1919
Omaha Television Programming Inquiry List of Public Witnesses1963
Omaha Tent #75 Membership Receipt 1919
Omaha Visitors Guide 1980's
Omaha Walking Club Bulletin booklet 1924
Omaha Walking Club Handbook1984
Omaha World-Herald calendar1978
Omaha World-Herald Carrier's Receipt 1938-39
Omaha YWCA, invitations to Programs 1989-2002
Omaha, "You Should See Us Now" bumper sticker  
Omaha: The Best City of Its Size in the United States booklet 1912 & 1915
Omaha's Historic Park & Boulevard System1992
Omaha's Plush Horse Menu 1945
Omar Blue Ribbon Recipe Book1938
Omar Blue Ribbon Recipe Book1938
Omar Mills Inc calendars 1936-41
Opera House Reception invitation
Order of DeMolay Omaha Chapter Membership card1926
Oriental Trading Co catalogs1991
Orioles from Omaha poster
Overland to the Pacific1906
Pacific Hotel stationery1889
Pacific School scrapbook
Packers National Bank Folder ca. 1909
Palmer, Blanchard & Co Livestock Commission: Account of Sales Receipt1891
Parks, Fred, Democratic Candidate for Fire and Police Commissioner political card
Paxton & Gallagher price tags  
Paxton & Gallagher's Butternut Coffee ink blotter ca. 1920
Paxton & Vierling Iron Works calendar, 1931 1931
People's Mammoth Installment House, advertising card  
People's Party, New Declaration of Independence platform & resolutions 1892
Peppy's Steakhouse menu
Philips Stores stamp book  
Physicians Mutual Insurance Co calendar1992
Pioneer Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1, Honorary Membership card 1870
Pioneer Lawyers of Omaha booklet ca. 1926
Pipkins National Detective Agency Serving certificate1921
Pixley Truck Sales Company: ink blotter  1953
Polish Athletic Club, First Grand Ball tickets
Political Campaigning Literature, fliers and ephemera1920
Poll Parrot Shoe money  ca. 1955
Porter, Dwight E., Tech High Principal, Senior Banquet speech1930
Post Office Omaha card1965
Presidential Election tabulation Sheet Omaha World-Herald newspaper copy1944
Problems of Ethnic Assimilation in Omaha booklet ca. 1937
Proposed Omaha Riverfront Landmark booklet
Puchalski, Lucille M. and Stanley Wedding announcement
Puffer Brothers & Co (Valley NE) stationery 1888, 1894
Radio Log From Your Station KOIL booklet ca. 1930
Railroad calendars 1963-78
Railroad Time Schedules 1898, 1908-9
Rainey, Charles W receipts 1888-1908
Reber, FI Hardware (Elkhorn NE) stationery1889
Red Cross Meeting announcements1969
Red Cross Membership cards
Red Cross, Greatest Mother in the World poster ca. 1917
Reeds Home Made Ice Cream paper sacks  
Republican State Administration activities 1919-20
Ritchie, Albert S., Address to the Jury in Pat Crowe kidnapping case1906
River City Roundup brochure1993
River City Roundup placemat 1985
River City Roundup poster1986
Rock Island Railroad Ticket 1947
Ross, Harry G. case card 1969
Royal Egyptian Interlude menu1993
Safety First Dr. Edward R Tarry's advertising brochure for Medical Care1914
Sales Analysis of Trade Territory Dominated by Omaha ca. 1920
Sanborn Company, F.E., advertising Literature  
Sandbourne Christmas card1964
Savage, Jack notes on Bob Millard's surprise luncheon for AV Sorenson  
Schimmel Hotels "Here's How" booklet ca. 1908
Schmoller & Mueller manila envelopes ca. 1935
Scottish Rite Membership cards  1910-1925
Seale, Dr William, Lecture on The White House admission ticket1986
Service League of Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital calendars 1976-89
Sharp, P.H. & Bro. advertising card ca. 1876
Shepard Medical Institute, "New Treatment: How it Cures" booklet1897
Sheraton Fontenelle Hotel advertising items  
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co. coupon ca. 1914-1918
Sieverling, F.G. and May Frances Wedding invitation  
Silver Stamp Premium catalog and stamp book ca. 1950's
Skylark Restaurant menu  
Smith, Leon O. plaque  
Soil and Water Conservation in Nebraska, "22 Years of Progress" report 1960
Soldier's Diary (blank) and notebook1918
Some Phases of the Declaration of Independence … John L. Webster report1902
Sorenson Dairy bills 1951-53
Sorenson, Mayor  A.V. speech to the Omaha Presbytery, "Telling it Like it Is"1968
South High School Commencement Exercises admission tickets1986
South High School Student handbook1928
South Omaha Bridge coupon book ca. 1918
South Omaha Bridge Opening invitation 1936
Souvenir of Omaha Nebraska1885
Spanish-American War, Soldier's Memorial1898
Speech on Army Balloons & Aerial Observation  
Sporting Events Tickets 1987, 1990
St. John's Church, Devotion of the Three Hours Agony, Good Friday1942
St. Margaret Mary's School fundraiser invitation ca. 1950
Stalnacker, JL Co advertising Literature 1906-07
Standard Equipment Co advertising Booklet1920
State of Nebraska, Great Navy, Certificates and Membership cards  
Stolinski For County Assessor ink blotter 1954
Stop the World Herald: OUT no. 190 Locked Out bumper sticker  
Storz Beer advertising campaigns  
Storz Beer coasters ca. 1960
Storz, Arthur "Christmas at the Storz Home" card 1961
Strategic Aerospace Museum Dedication of Exhibit Building invitation1972
Strategic Aerospace Museum Museum Benefit Dinner invitation1992
Strategic Air Command 25 Anniversary Celebration invitation1971
Strategic Air Command 25 Anniversary commemorative sticker1971
Strategic Air Command Headquarters at Omaha 10th Anniversary invitation 1958
Streetcar & Electric Railroad calendars 1964-79
Streetcar Franchise Amendment for Omaha1920
Sun Newspaper stationery  
Sunderland Machinery & Supply Co: Dealers Farm Supply catalog   
Sunkist Flour ink blotter ca. 1940
Swanson, Harry E, Resolution of Respect certificate1950
Swedish Mission Hospital and School of Nursing booklet ca. 1924
Swenska Nebraska (Swedes in Nebraska)1967
Swift's Pride Soap advertising cards ca. 1908
Taft's Philadelphia Dental Rooms advertising card  
Technical High School Student Club card  
Technical Trade School Apprentice Pressman Correspondence Course certificate  
Telephone Company ink blotter c. 1929
Telephone Service Plan Proposed for Greater Omaha, Revised 1929
The Cafe d'Paddock Presents "Luncheon Under The Grandstand" menu  
The Gourmet menu  
The New Eppley Airfield Terminal menu  
This Land is Your Land: Water Resources Management Alternatives for the Omaha-Council Bluffs Area1973
Thompson, William Hertzog, Farewell Remarks 1960
Ticket Collection 1899-1907
Tindell, William H.,  Miscellaneous Notes on Various Subjects1897
Todd Dry Dock and Construction Corporation advertising card ca. 1923
Top of the World Restaurant (Woodmen Tower) invitation1969
Top of the World Restaurant (Woodmen Tower) menu  
Tornado of  1975 in Omaha, description1975
Tornado of 1913 in Omaha, Pass for Restricted Areas1913
Town and Country menu  
Trans-Mississippi & International Exposition menus1898
Trans-Mississippi Exposition Historical Association membership cards1990
Trans-Mississippi International Exposition Stock Certificates1898
Trans-Mississippi Ticket Book 1898
Travelers Protective Association Membership cards 1912-1913
Trolley Excursion Fan Trip 1953-54
Trovoto's Italian Restaurant menu  
Tuesday Musical Concert Series 100 Years of Music 1991-92
U.S. Army 1880-1918 Uniform Styles  
U.S. Military, "How to Identify Army and Navy Officers" program   
Union Outfitting Co Customer Copy receipts 1925-27
Union Pacific Railroad "Teaming U.P. with Fitness!" Fitness Center packet1987
Union Pacific Railroad "We Can Handle It" bumper sticker   
Union Pacific Railroad Big Boy World's Largest Locomotive  
Union Pacific Railroad Bridge scoring pad  
Union Pacific Railroad calendars  
Union Pacific Railroad Employees' Victory Garden guide 1944
Union Pacific Railroad Pocket calendar card1933
Union Pacific Railroad Six Trains Daily 1900
Union Pacific Railroad Timetable, between Omaha & Ogden1876
Union Station Restaurant Folder menu ca. 1940s
Union Station, Christmas Around the World invitation1992
United States Air Force Museum "WWI Caquot Type R Balloon" brochure 1979
United States Army 1911 Infantry Drill Regulations (revised to Dec 31, 1917)1917
United States National Bank of Omaha ink blotter 1946
United States National Bank of Omaha: 1856-1956 booklet 1956
United States Post Office, Omaha "Our New Post Office" information folder1898
United States Post Office, Waterloo NE, stationery1887
United War & Community Fund Contribution receipts 1945-46
Unity Club of Omaha yearbook 1901-02
University of Nebraska at Omaha calendars 1994, 1998-99
University of Nebraska at Omaha Christmas cards  
University of Nebraska at Omaha Diamond Jubilee calendar of Activities 1983
University of Nebraska at Omaha Faculty/Staff Handbook1970
University of Nebraska at Omaha Fall Activities calendar1983
University of Nebraska diploma 1904, 19099
University of Nebraska, certificate of Academic Achievement ca. 1905
University of Omaha 50th Anniversary ink blotter 1958
University of Omaha Alumni Association Achievement Day program 1949
University of Omaha Board of Regents Memorial Resolution Honoring Harry Byrne1966
University of Omaha Commencement announcements 1949-1951
University of Omaha Luncheon invitation 1949
University of Omaha Merger invitation 1968
University of Omaha note card ca. 1940
University of Omaha, Field House Cornerstone Ceremony, speech 1949
UNO's Peter Kiewit Conference Center booklet  
Updike Lumber & Coal advertising card  
Updike Lumber & Coal Company ink blotter ca. 1910
US Army Balloon School order form1919
US Army Balloon School passes1918
US Army Engineers Division, Missouri River Omaha, information packet1975
US Navy Recruiting ink blotter1957
USS Nebraska SSBN-739, Commemorative Envelope of Christening1992
USS Omaha pamphlets 1973-76
Valley Concert Band ticket1914
Van Avery Sporting Goods Co. advertising card  
Variety Club of Omaha items 1936-37
Village Inn menu  
W.R. Bennett Co. advertising card ca. 1890
Wagner Bros Complimentary Pocket calendar & Address Fact Book 1918-19
Walker, Max I  ink blotter & advertising  
War Ration book  
Washington, Charlie dinner ticker for roast1976
Webster, John Lee, Nebraska State Constitutional Convention address 1919-20
Western Heritage Museum, Sentimental Journey invitations1993
Western Lumber Co stationery (Valley NE)1891
Westside Community Schools Activity calendar 1988-92
Whitmore Bros (Valley, NE) stationery1892
Who's Who in National Baking Co, Omaha Flour Mills Co & Omar Bakeries1935
Wigwam Theater poster  
William Fleming & Co Fancy Grocers advertising card  
Woodmen Circle notebook ca. 1935
Woodmen Tower Dedication invitation1969
World War I stationery for servicemen  
World-Herald Publishing Co. stationery  
WOW Building Dedication, Ladies memoranda 1912
Younker Kilpatrick's merchandise box  
YWCA constitution and by-laws 1920
YWCA Membership donation card1990

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