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Most newspapers are available in bound volumes. Some are very fragile and not accessible to the public.

* - Those marked with an asterisk are not complete for the years shown.


American Citizen, The 1986-1992 Italian-American news
Benson Leader 1920-1923 local news, weekly
Benson Times 1903-1983 local news, weekly
Catholic Voice (see True Voice) 1950-1993 religious news, weekly
Creightonian 1968-2000 Creighton University news, weekly
Daily Tribune 1896-1897 South Omaha news
Douglas County Post-Gazette 1984-current county news, weekly
Dundee News 1937-1952 local news, weekly
Dundee & West Omaha News 1952-1959 local news, weekly
Dundee & West Omaha Sun 1959-1983 local news, weekly
Fast Lane 1988-1994 local entertainment, weekly
Florence Tribune 1909-1910 local news, weekly
Fort Omaha Gas Bag 1918-1919 balloon school news, weekly
Gateway 1940-1997* UNO news, weekly
Great Red Shark 1988-1992 local alternative press, weekly
Jewish Press 1947-1950, 1976-current* religious news, weekly
Magazine of the Midlands 1947-1991 World-Herald section, weekly
Magic City Hoof and Horn 1898-1902 South Omaha news, weekly
Metro Monthly 1990-2000 local society news
Midlands Business Journal 1984-current local business news, weekly
Millard Courier 1914-1918* local news, weekly
Millard Times 1986-1989 local news, weekly
Nebraska Observer 1986-1990 local alternative press, monthly
New Horizons 1986-2000 local senior news, weekly
North Omaha Booster 1915-1970 local news, weekly
North Omaha Sun 1971-1983 local news, weekly
Nuestro Mundo 1991-1999 local Hispanic news, monthly
Old Market Times 1988-1990 local news, weekly
Omaha Bee 1881-1937* local, national news, daily
Omaha Business Journal Monthly 1993-1997 local business news
Omaha Daily Herald 1866-1888 local news
Omaha Daily Hotel Reporter 1896-1902* local news
Omaha Daily News 1913-1930* local news
Omaha Daily Sun 1897-1898 local news
Omaha Excelsior 1895-1920* local cultural news, weekly
Omaha Mediator 1923-1926 local labor news, weekly
Omaha Mirror 1978-1980 local cultural news, semi-monthly
Omaha Nebraskan 1914-1920* state political news, weekly
Omaha Nebraskian 1857-1860* state political news, weekly
Omaha Sun 1925-1935 local news, tri-weekly
Omaha World-Herald 1922-1948 local, national news, daily
Ralston Recorder 1938-1987 suburban news, weekly
Reader 1994-2004 local alternative press, weekly
Republican 1862-1890* local news, (schedule varies)
Sarpy County Sun 1963-1983 local news, weekly
South Omaha Sun 1925-1983 local news, weekly
Southwest Signal 1970-1975 suburban news, weekly
Springfield Monitor 1896-1900 suburban news, weekly
True Voice  (see Catholic Voice) 1905-1942 religious news, weekly
Unionist 1942-1975 local labor news, weekly
USA Asian 1993-1998 Oriental news, monthly
Voice for Family Health 1987-1990 health news, monthly
Voice for the Disabled 1990-1992 health news, monthly
West Omaha Sun 1972-1983 local news, weekly