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Special Collections


Anderson, John A.: Early Fort Niobrara and Rosebud Photographer Hamilton, Jean T.; Hamilton, Henry W. 1961
Animal Fossils in Nebraska Byrne, Harry S. ca. 1947
Beadle, Erastus F.: Untitled Paper on  Anderson, Kent ca. 1980
Bits on Surveying Curran, Frank M. ca. 1967
Bloom, Simeon: Nebraska's First Jewish Lawyer Erickson & Sederstrom 1986
Boom and Bust on the Frontier: North Omaha's Story Unknown ca. 1987
Boosting "Omaha the Market Town" in Northern Kansas, May 1906 Valentine, Les 1988
Byrne, Harry S.: The Memoirs of   Byrne, Harry S. ca. 1957
Child Abuse and Neglect… Benagale, Raul C.; McIntire, Matilda ca. 1975
Comings and Goings of Historic Indians in Old Council Bluff(s) Holmes, Gail G. 1989
"Dust to Dust": Ghost Towns of Eastern Nebraska Greunke, Lowell ca. 1970
Early Omaha Art Organizations and Activities Martin, Francis T.B. 1953
Early Omaha People, Places and Events Curtis, Janet Wallace; Shields, Zora 1944
Early Trails Through Douglas County Martin, Charlie  
Errata in Judi Hazlitt's "Ghosts of Churches Past…" in Omaha Magazine,  Becker, Harold W. 1983
Federal Use of Indian Agents to Acculturate Indians of Old Council Bluff(s) Joslyn, Shirley 1989
Florence, Nebraska, 1887-1917: Notes Compiled From Official Town Records Dustin, Dorothy Devereux 1983
Francl, Edward Anthony: The Family History of   Francl, Edward Anthony 1980
Girls: Their Interests and Activities-A Study of 2587 Omaha High School Girls Sullenger, T. Earl; Borman, Lorna 1940
Greater Omaha's Historical Dates & Places to 1854: Critical Commentary Becker, Harold W. 1982
Historic Preservation in Omaha, A Comprehensive Program for  Becker, Harold W. 1982
Historical Sites in Douglas County, Nebraska Omaha City Planning Department ca. 1959
History of Omaha by Savage and Bell - Errata by H.W. Becker Becker, Harold W. 1983
History of Omaha Street Names Douglas, Vickie Lynn 1987
How Many Latter Day Saints Died at Winter Quarters in 1846-1848? Holmes, Gail G. 1990
"I Am a Man": Red Skin in a White Land Conwell, Kathy 1991
Immanuel Medical Center of Omaha, The Centennial History  Unknown ca. 1975
Indians, The Unknown 1876-81
Iron Ruled Western Expansion, An Hopkins, Gabriel 1992
Jamieson, Paul: This Is My Life Jamieson, Paul 1967
Kanesville to Bellevue Trip Martin, Charles W.; Dustin, Dorothy D. 1990
Latenser, Frank: Memoirs of Latenser, Nes 1991
Long's Hill, Douglas County, Nebraska Duda, Walt 1989
Looking Back More Than Seventy Years Grant, John A. ca. 1966
Master Plan of the City of Omaha, Nebraska: Transportation Omaha City Planning Department ca. 1948
McArdle Clan, The McArdle, G. Prentiss 1988
McBird, Matthew John  Brantigan, Charles O., MD 1993
Mendelson, Harry G.1900-1978: An Omaha Original Scherer, Mark R. 1993
Millard, Joseph Hopkins Unknown  
Mormon Mill, The: History or Mythology Becker, Harold W. 1982
Mormon Relations and Policies with the Indians of Old Council Bluff(s) Johnson, Vaughn 1989
Mount View School, A History of  Barker, Gwyn D. 1968
National Park Service Civilian Conservation Corps Camps in NE, A Brief History Wilson, Heather M. 1985
"Old Corral," History of the Lynn, Stuart C.; Henningfield, Jeff R. 1994
Omaha and Douglas County: A Panoramic History - Commentary and Errata Becker, Harold W. 1982
Omaha and the Main Chance Budka, Marsh D. 1991
Omaha Area Streetcars Patrick, Donald 1986
Omaha Horse Railway Gampper, Terry A. 1992
Omaha Race Relations Since the 1919 Court House Riot Hanna, Eve Mae; Allen, Mitchell D. 1984
Omaha's East-West Voting Division Dalstrom, Harl 1990
Parking Facility at 10th & Harney Streets, Proposal for Construction of  Mercer, Mark W. 1978
Parking Off-Street in Omaha: Studies and Reports Omaha City Planning Department 1948-54
Peterson Company, Edward: Three Generations of Contractors Peterson, Ellen 1957
Saratoga Story, The: Inflated Beginnings Wilhite, Ann ca. 1970
Saratoga, The Mysterious Disappearance of  Finlayson, Alister J. ca. 1978
South Omaha: A Brief History Johnson, Neil M. 1977
South Papillion Creek Outfall Interceptor Sewer Study Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner 1987
Survey of Youth Guidance Opportunities Through Social Service Agencies Sullenger, T. Earl; Miles, Mary 1944
Trinity Lutheran Church, A History of Gulleen, Vivian 1962
University of Omaha, The Early History of the  Campen, Lillian Henderson 1948
Urban Land Use: Omaha, Nebraska Omaha City Planning Department 1943
Waterloo, Nebraska, Founders of  Wilson, Ralph C. 1971
West, The Unknown ca. 1870's

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Conglomerate Collections

Baldwin, William A. Collection 1888-1950
Becker, Edward Conglomerate Collection 1955-87
Becker, Harold W. Collection 1949-82
Brandeis Store Memorabilia 1994
Brown, Velzoe A. Collection 1987
Buchanan, John Turner Collection 1884-1975
Cassem Family Collection 1983
Conant-Barton-Metcalfe Collection 1891-1955
Cox, Nils Oliver Collection 1917-1953
Daggett, Byron B. Collection 1898-1945
Daugherty/Creighton Collection 1885-1920
Dodge Family Collection 1984
Doyle, Thomas G. Family Collection 1777-1940
Dunn, Mal  Collection 1890-1987
Ecaber, Walter L.  Collection 1919
Fort Omaha Navy Officers' Wives Club Collection 1957-73
Fry, Thomas A. Family Collection 1856-1948
GOHS Essay Contest Essays 1960s
Gorr, Charles R. Collection 1900-1942
Hamilton, Louise: Genealogical Material  
Hanighen, J.J. Collection 1888-1960
Henderson, Lillian V. Campen Collection 1886-1969
Hitchcock, Gilbert M. Collection 1879-1960
Hoagland, George A. Collection 1887-1961
Hoel Family Collection 1862-1946
Kupping, Theodore E. WWII Personal Effects 1937-1945
Marsh,  William W. Collection 1839-1961
Martin, Charles W. (Realtor) Collection  
Omaha Auditorium Cornerstone Collection 1902
Omaha Fire Department Collection 1994
Parle Military Honors Display 1973
Pospichal, Lilyan M. Collection 1908-1941
Reynolds, Earle C. Collection 1917-1988
Reynolds, Samuel W. Collection 1908-1972
Roessig Family Collection  
Schofield, Sergeant George M. Collection 1889-1942
Shear, T. Leslie Collection 1929
Simpson, Andrew J. Collection 1860-1912
Stryker, Floyd R. Family Collection 1889-1969
Sumner, John M. & Mary E. Douglas Collection 1932-1966
Tubbs, Sibyl O. Collection 1893-1976
USS Omaha and USS Omaha Association Materials 1925-88
Vice-Presidential Debate: 1988 1988
Wattles Papers 1894-1920
White, Terry Collection  
Whitmore, Henry P. Family Collection 1885-1977
Wilson, William E. Collection 1939-1956
Withnell Collection  
Wyman Collection 1830-1940
Yates Sr., Henry W. Collection 1834-1935
Zikmund, Joseph Family Collection 1885-1975
Zorinsky Collection